Aqua Therapy Benefits

Due to water resistance, a variety of muscle groups is used and build up in the water, therefore it is a more well-rounded, complete workout that they would receive from a run outdoors (a 15- to 20-minutes swimming is comparable to a 1,5 hour run on land)


It is "joint friendly" because heavy or older dogs can exercise without carrying all their weight on their joints


A good way to cool down AND exercise on hot summer days, when longer walks are not possible


Swimming also releases endorphin and serotonin in the brain, short: swimming makes your dog happy! (In fact, swimming just once every two weeks will keep your dog’s serotonin levels at the puppy level)



No feeding 2-3 hours before swim!

If you would like to join, wear at least a T-shirt in water (dogs usually try to swim towards people in the water and try to get a hold on them, they might scratch.

Let the dog release before and after Massage therapy

Price info

Aqua therapy 20 min (+ breaks as needed = 30 min session) $20

Massage therapy 30 min $25