One-on-One Activity Time - $10

During these 15 minutes sessions we allow your furbaby to have some one-on-one time catered to their interests. Whether its chasing down a tennis ball/stick or just simply some cuddles and tummy rubs on the couch your furbaby gets 15 minutes with one of our staff all to themselves. 

Videos - $5

Missing your furbaby? You are able to request a 30 second video of your pup or kitty playing with their friends sent straight to you! 

Agility Course - $30

Does your pup have a little extra energy he/she needs to burn off? With this 30 minute session in our agility course we challenge your pup's body and mind as they speed through the obstacles we have in place! No worries if they've never seen a tunnel or a jump before, we provide the expertise and patience to teach your furbaby how to get through each obstacle. 

Here at the ark we want every furbaby to feel right at home! Whether it's some extra fun one-on-one time playing some fetch, or some laser tag indoors we strive to keep each and everyone of our camp or boarding kids happy! Here are a few fun activities we offer to give your furbabies that extra bit of fun during their stay!

Snacks - $3

Whether its a little breakfast treat as your pup gets off the bus in the morning or a lazy afternoon snack for your kitty we offer a variety of home-made treats that are simply mouth watering.

Nature Walk - $25

Sometimes that extra walk is just what a pup needs! On our nature walks we take your pup for a 30 minute walk through the fields and woods behind our facility. An adventure filled with new scents and sights that your furbaby is sure to enjoy!

Laser Tag - $5

What better way to keep your kitty entertained than with a little laser tag? During these 10 minute sessions we pull out our trusty laser pointer and let the laser tag ensue! A fun filled time that your kitty is sure to have a blast with!