Additional Conveniences for you and your pets overall comfort.

*Holiday Fee; $10 (all government holidays

*CanineTemperment Test; $20

*Deployment Boarding Rate: $10 per day (Cat $5 per day, minimum 3 months with orders)

*Extended stay discount; Two free days for every consecutive 14 days

*Active Duty Military; 10% discount on Boarding

*Home Visits; $10 for 30 min visit & .75 per mile roundtrip from out location to yours.  Additional fees may apply based on quantity of pets.

*Medication fee $2 per day

*Special Diet $10 flat for the entire stay.

*Special Needs $5 per day additional to boarding fee.

*A.M Bus transport $5 within 8 mile radius (additional .75 per mile for every outside the radius

*P.M Bus (and additional transport) .75 per mile round trip

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