Kennel Free Boarding and Daycare

Boarding at Lisa's Ark is a family experience.  Pups are separated by size, age, temperament and personality.  We strive to create an experience like spending the night at your favorite Aunt's house when you were a kid.   All of our caring dedicated staff have a combined years of experience of over 50 years.  Everyone has to pass a one-time Temperament test prior to their induction into the Ark family.  After this single day of evaluation, you and your pup are free to make overnight reservations via (preferred) text, email or lastly phone call.  All you will need to bring with your pet is their food in a hard container (not the bag you bought it in or other soft material) medications if necessary (addition $2 per day administering fee) and treats:  no blankets, bowls, bedding or toys.  We provide it all for them.

Prices are as follows

Canine boarding $1 per hour for 1st and 2nd dog ea, .50 per hour for each 3rd dog.

Daycare is $1.50 per hour between the hours of 7a.m. and 6:30 p.m. (additional late fee applies for after hour pick ups)

Cat boarding is .50 hour for ea pet up to a limit of 4 per room

must provide food, treats, medications & SCOOPABLE cat litter. No toys, litter boxes, scoops or bedding

Caged animal boarding is .25 per hour for each pet.  Must provide any cage or aquarium enclosures, necessary substrate & food. (live or not) 

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